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Time To Get Over Glitter

It’s time to be fantastic without plastic and get over glitter.

You know, I think I’m one of the few gays in the world that HATES glitter. It’s pretty but it gets everywhere and is there anything more annoying than someone leaning over to you and saying ‘you have a bit of glitter on your face’? You violently swipe at your eyebrows only to accidentally pluck one of the few hairs keeping your eyebrow a continuous line and end up with the someone else’s clammy hands doing it for you.

No thanks, mate.

Also, it’s part of the micro plastic problem in our oceans. You and I know what it’s like to spot something shiny. You want to immediately go towards it. That is regardless of your age or education, you could be a professor at Oxford Uni for all I care, shiny things are attractive. So imagine what it’s like in a world full of shiny yummy food, it’s a no brainer for an animal with a particularly small one.

I don’t want to get too serious but an article on this issue featured in the INDEPENDENT says:

'An environmental expert Dr Farrelly has investigated how PET (a type of plastic found in glitter) can break down to release chemicals that disrupt hormones in the bodies of animals and humans. Such chemicals have been linked with the onset of cancers and neurological diseases.'

Jeepers. HOWEVER, there is a solution. Eco-friendly glitter:

First up if you’re looking for beauty products containing glitter LUSH uses plastic-free alternatives.

Second it’s ECO GLITTER FUN who have a phenomenal agenda:

'Eco Glitter fun was born from two festival loving party animals, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic pollution awareness to the world.’

Finally it’s MUOBU who are based in Manchester (yay) and create Vegan/Eco friendly glitter. They have a tab on the Festival Glitter page.

So what’s your excuse? You ain’t got none hun.

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