Spotlight: Ennie

Before we dive right in I want to tell you that Ennie is a very caring person. During the launch of #WeAreARMY she took the time to check in on me regularly, knowing that I was going to find the volume of attention tough. It's part of the reason that I wanted to put the spotlight on her today. Ennie chooses to behave compassionately and I think that's something we can all learn from. Something else that you should know about Ennie is that she is part of the powerful force that is @UKBTSARMATION on twitter. 




So I asked her 10 questions, 5 about her love for BTS and 5 about herself.


1. Where do you live? 

  I live in south London, United Kingdom.  


2. How did you discover BTS?

I discovered through a family friend. I saw them watching one of BTS dance practice and I asked what was it that they were watching and said “Kpop” at first I thought it was a show where kids sing or something so I wasn’t really keen on researching until I caught my family friend watching it again so I guess I got motivated to find out what the hype was about for them to be so into it .


3.Which member of BTS do you connect with the most and why?

I think for me it’s all of them because they each have something that you can relate on with them whether it’s about the struggles of life , you’re dreams or yourself as an individual. Because they each have a characteristic in their personality that you’ll be able to connect with .


4.What’s your favourite BTS album and why?                                                                              

This is a tricky question cause I’ve listened to all of their  albums from when they debuted till now so I can’t really pick a favourite cause I love them all.


5. Why do you think BTS have had such a phenomenal connection with so many people internationally?

BTS as a whole are amazing individuals and they are using their platform right to shed light on things that some western artist don’t do and things that need to be talked about in the media. They use their lyrics to send messages of positivity to their fans and I think that’s the reason why doors are opening up for them . BTS are different , they are ambassadors of change . They spread peace , love and self love .      


6. If you didn’t have to work, what would you do?

Probably pursuing my dreams to become a singer , which I will still pick up on because I’m only 20 years old and I believe the sky is the limit.  


7. What do you love the most about yourself?

I think that’s something I still need to find out , I will find my epiphany to that soon.


8. One thing other than music that gets you passionate?

My religion Christianity it is something I am very passionate about.


9. Tell me about something that you think is underrated?

Kpop is underrated , people need to more about the world Kpop and the genres surrounding it . Music is meant to be universal however it seems biased to just playing songs in Spanish.


10. What are you working towards at the moment/what do you want to achieve in the next 12months?

I want to be able to have YouTube channel that’s up, running and active, to pass my second year of university and to achieve greater things with @UKBTSARMATION .        




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