Spotlight: One In An Army

If you don't know who One In An ARMY are yet, ya missing out on good vibes.


This is a group of individuals from all over the world that have found each other through the love of BTS and combined forces for good causes. 


Ultimately, we know that BTS have inspired many worldwide to do good, that's the nature of the band. From donating money to charity since their debut, their hard work with Unicef to the recent announcement that they will be addressing the UN, BTS have definitely used their phenomenal success for good. All whilst being meme machines online.


For me, I am fascinated by the people BTS have inspired. These are people who have become political activists, philanthropists and general do gooders and it's amazing. I just want to hear the stories behind the empowerment of millions of people worldwide.


One In An ARMY felt like the right person to kick this blog off with not only because hundreds of people recommended I speak to them but because they are one of the most dedicated group of do gooders I've seen.





Let's start with their project for the month of September #RebuildWithNamjoon which supports a cause close to my heart, saving the planet. OIAA have been raising funds for Gili Eco Trust, an organization that protects the environment and oceans. Then there's July's project of #ThirstRelief which is an organization that provides clean water solutions for people without access in multiple countries. They raised £2600 for them and the list of causes and money raised just keeps rising as the months go on.




So, with unique access to perspectives from around the world, I asked two simple questions.

1) How successful are BTS in your country?

2) What are your personal aims for your future?


Louise (Sweden) 27

1) In Sweden you can hear BTS on a daily basis on one web radio (P3 Star, MVP of Swedish Radio), and occasionally on their sister radio station, while once in a blue moon you’ll find them on the news after breaking a record (like BB200 or Youtube). Otherwise you’ll rarely encounter them.


2) All I've ever wanted to do was help people. BTS has achieved that on a big scale and I can't help but wanting to work harder to do the same. Becoming a nurse and working with OIAA is just two things I do to try and achieve that.

Patty (Canada) 29 

1) BTS’ profile in Canada grows with every new album. They get played frequently on some radio shows (thanks #SetItOff!) but it’s hard because even if a station wants to play BTS, they sometimes don’t get the track for weeks after its release. Slow but steady; we’re getting there!


2) I don’t know if there’s any grand design behind why I’m on earth, but what I’m choosing to do with my life is help people the best I can while living for me.


Fati (Morocco) 24

1) Majority of moroccan media usually follows what’s popular in the US, so if BTS manages to become mainstream there, more and more people will get to know about them here as well. So far they’re mostly known on social media and get the occasional radio plays.


2) I've often been unsure about my life choices except for my wish to help people in any way that I can. Projects like OIAA is what I really hope to keep organizing for a long time in the future as well!


Erika (USA) 38

1) I feel the American public are sometimes hesitant to embrace what's unfamiliar, when it comes from outside the US. But social media and increased exposure have allowed for more curiosity about BTS, so they're slowly becoming more familiar as time goes by. And once you know them, you love them.


2) As for my purpose, I always felt it matched what Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson said, which is, “I am driven by two main philosophies: Know more about the world than I did yesterday, and lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.” Live, learn, and love. That’s about it.


Robin (Malaysia) 30

1) In my country K-Pop can be viewed as casual music as we’re in the same Asian region. But that doesn’t mean the Radio station would play it regularly on daily spin.Most of the time it will played on certain segment. And our Malaysian ARMYs still work really hard to make it possible to let them play BTS music on regular spin. Safe to say, we try to break the barrier and try to show them that BTS is not a regular K-Pop band but making them realise and accept BTS as an artist not as a Korean Industry Product. I will give my thumbs up to my fellow Malaysian Army for their hard work.We will make it no matter what.The struggle is real.


2) I never dream big or achieve something big in my life. I used to be selfish before. I don’t really communicate with people because I was shy but when I met BTS few years back my thoughts and view changed drastically. I dream to help people and when I joined OIAA, I became an unselfish person, my team and ARMYs come first. And we have the same goal to help people and bring awareness to ARMY and implement a kind gesture in them.


Michelle (USA) 23

1) It’s hard for foreign artists to gain positive and long-lasting exposure in America, but after the Grammy museum interview, the responses to their LY tour, and award nominations, I’m hopeful for them.


2) I’ve realised that my goal is to fill the world with love. Thanks to BTS, I’ve learned that includes actually loving myself too. If I accomplished these two things, I would have no regrets in life.


Elisabeth (Scotland) 17

1) BTS aren't very popular here. There's quite a lot of stigma about liking any non-mainstream artists, and doubly so for Bangtan since they're foreign. I hope that if they break through in America, they'll become more accepted here!


2) In my life, I want to make the world better. I have found that BTS make me very happy, and OIAA lets me combine my passions of music and charity to achieve my goal!


Michelle (Sammie) (USA) 30

1) BTS has made a breakthrough in America but still faces prejudices & stereotypes as a minority group & boyband. I hope they succeed as artists & continue to make genuine strides here in the states.


2) Instead of chasing a big dream, I wanted to make an impact in this world as myself. BTS reminds me that with self-love & nurture I can use my strengths, my compassion, & empathy to love others in return.




I want to hear more stories from ARMY around the world and put them into a book. The book needs to be funded before it will get made so if you'd like to support that here's what you need to know.


If you'd like to submit your story for the book here are the details you need to know.





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