Top Shirts from BTS FIRE


In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than getting yourself a top shirt. You'll look forward to wearing it to the next party, it's a great ice breaker and people will think you're cool. Only downside is you can't wear it too many times otherwise it'll look like you've only been to one party in your life on your Facebook page.


So here's a list of the top shirts from the FIRE music video.

This shirt reminds me of IMDB. I'm not sure why, but I expect those to be headshots of vaguely famous people you might recognise from a FRIENDS episode. 


 This top shirt takes me to a Mexican restaurant, run by people who went to Cancun once on holiday. I also cannot stop looking at how crisp it is. JHope you beautiful bean.

 Okay there's a lot going on here but I want you to focus on Min Yoongi. Something about this screams 12 year old with sudden passion for skateboarding. The gradation, the palm trees, that bright orange colour and he still looks sick.


 Let's try not to get distracted by the tassle Queen for a second. RM's shirt featuring women with no eyes. It takes a special sort of person not to look like a true crime super fan. I'm alright with it.


 RM suits red. That's it. That's all I have to say. 


 Finally, Sugarcoated in his fine fine Hawaiin shirt. He know's he's fine.


BRB gunna go buy five funky shirts.


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